Traffic Rider, the most fantastic traffic racing game which is available to download for both Android and iOS for free with In-App purchase. Soner Kara develops traffic Rider with the nickname of skgames. In this article, we are going to review Traffic Rider and let you know if the game worth downloading.

Traffic Rider: The best Traffic Racing game


Traffic Rider is available for both Android and iOS running devices. You can download it directly from official download page. The game is free to download with In-App purchase. You will get the download page link for the game below.

Traffic Rider

Download Traffic Rider

I have already mentioned that the game is free to download. Click on the official download page link below according to your OS. Traffic Rider is available to download for both Android and iOS devices. The minimum requirements for the game are-


  • Version- 2.3.3
  • RAM- 1GB

   Download From PlayStore


  • iOS 6.0
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

   Download From iTunes


When we talk about the graphics of Traffic Rider, we have to mention that the game has an amazing quality graphics. The bike front look (while driving) gives an amazing experience (real like) of driving or racing. As well as the look, the audio also helps with delivering an excellent experience to the players.

Traffic Rider


The controls of the game are very simple and can be customized as you want. You can use Tile control or add button, with whom you feels comfortable. For me tile control is perfect, and tile control is recommended if you want to experience the best of Traffic Rider.


Traffic Rider is not very easy to play, where you can select the traffic quantity in free ride mode, you won’t get any option like that in missions. The missions are very challenging unless you upgrade your bike. As well as upgrading the old bike you must also buy the newly unlocked bike with more power to complete further missions.


You won’t get a Car or Truck to drive on this game. The game offer 22+ motorbikes and you can unlock them by gaining XP (experience points), and you can earn XP by completing Missions and by playing Endless mode.

Traffic Rider


I found Traffic Rider very attractive and addictive till it blocked playing mission game without a particular bike and asked me to played the endless mode to gain XP and unlock that specific bike. They also offered an alternative option of buying the bike by spending real money. After that, I rarely play the game.

Overall, It is amazing to play as well as it delivers an incredible experience of driving through traffic. The endless mode also becomes complicated by time. The game is free to download on your Android and iOS devices. I have already mentioned the official download page link above, give Traffic Rider a try and be sure to mention your experience with the game below in the comment space.