Showbox is one of the popular app to stream free movies online directly from your android smartphone. It is free, and the video quality is just awesome. Offlicial Showbox is not available on the Playstore however you can find its apk online and start watching free movies online. Many people also prefer to install showbox on Bluestacks to run it on Windows PC, however few folks are facing “Apk Installation failed: INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK” error. I would be focusing on showbox invalid apk file error which can be fixed easily.

You might have a faced situation when you try to install showbox on your PC (on Bluestacks) and it gets failed to installed. I can understand you have downloaded showbox apk from official website but if you are still facing invalid apk file error then keep reading this tutorial.

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Showbox Inavalid APK file error fixed

Invalid Apk file error can occur due to several reasons but the most common one is caused by Bluestacks itself. In those situations even if you have an official showbox apk then also you will get invalid APK file or APK file is corrupted error on Bluestacks while installing Showbox.

This is a common issue faced by lots of people while they try to install Showbox on Bluestacks for the very first time. The error also comes up with code – Error code:10, INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK, and in this article I’m going to show you how to solve invalid APK file problem on Bluestacks for Showbox.

How to Solve Showbox Invalid APK File Error on Bluestacks

  1. Download the Official Showbox APK

    Make sure that you have downloaded the APK file from its official website which link is given below.

       Download Latest Showbox (V4.82)

    Do not download the file from any third party website as they may contain malware.

  2. Update Bluestacks

    Check if there is any update pending for your version of Bluestacks. If there is any update available for Bluestacks, be sure to update it and if it is already updated directly head to the final and last fix for Showbox invalid APK file problem on Bluestacks.

  3. Test the App on Android Phone

    Be sure to verify the downloaded file on an Android Phone, if the archive is OKAY and installing on Android. If it is installing on Android Phone and not installing on Bluestacks, please follow the last the final trick given below.

Final Solution for Showbox’s Invalid APK File on Bluestacks

After confirming all of the methods given above, or before if you are facing Invalid APK file problem on Bluestacks while installing Showbox, follow this method to solve the issue.

In this method you need to download a third-party application from the link given below, this is an invalid file resolver application on your Windows PC specially exclusively for Bluestacks.

   Package File Invalid Issue Resolver

After downloading the application from above download link, install it on Bluestacks. After installing the app on Bluestacks, it will show issue resolved, and that’s it. Now try to install the Showbox APK file on Bluestacks, and it will get installed for sure.


That’s it. This is how you can solve Showbox invalid APK file problem on Bluestacks. After resolving the issue, you can also uninstall the resolver application, which application you have installed to address the problem. From now you won’t get any error regarding – Error code:10, INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK on Bluestacks.