Do you use PC in the low light at night and wonder if there any way you can prevent the light of your PC from affecting your eyes? Well, here is an ultimate solution available for you. If you use Google Chrome to browse internet or work here is a good news available for you guys, now you can enable night mode on Chrome.

Night Mode on Google Chrome personally helped me a lot. I use to work or browse the internet in a little light, and this affects my eyes. I think reduces some capability of my eyes and sometimes causes a headache. After that, I found a way to enable night mode on Google Chrome, which helped me a lot. Now I can use my 2x times then no night mode.

Well, that’s how Night Mode on Google Chrome helps you, now it’s time to reveal how to enable night mode on Google Chrome for PC. For that, you just need to follow the steps given below, and you will be able to turn on/ off on Google Chrome very easily.

Tutorial to Enable Night Mode On Chrome ?

Before we start let me tell you that there is no built-in feature available on Google Chrome, which turns on/ off night mode on the browser. To do that you need to download and install an extension on Google Chrome, with whom you will be able to enable Night Mode on it.

Well, as I mentioned you would need a Google Chrome extension to enable or disable night mode on it, the download link of the required file is given below. Download it and be sure to add to Google Chrome.

The extension is known as “Dark Reader, “. It is available to download from Chrome store, you can search for it or directly click on its Google Chrome Store link given below.

Enable Night Mode In Chrome With Night Mode Extensions [Method 1]

  1. Below are top 5 popular night mode extensions for Google Chrome, you can download any of them and follow the below steps.
  2. Once the night mode extension gets installed. Simply enable it.
  3. Congrats. You have now enabled the night mode in your Chrome browser.

Now for demo, open any web page on Chrome and after the page loads completely, turn on the Night Mode by clicking on On button on Dark Reader. Now you will see the magic.

Enable Night Mode With Night Mode Themes For Chrome [Method 2]

  1. Download one of the available free night mode themes for Chrome which are available on Chrome Webstore.
  2. Install the theme and re-start the browser if required.
  3. You have now night mode theme in your Chrome. Simply enable the night mode when ever you want.

You can also adjust the settings for night mode below on the extension. It also get get you a better experience on Night Mode as you want.

Now you have successfully enabled night mode on Google Chrome. You will also be able to disable it easily just click on off button. That’s it, there is nothing more to do, just adjust the screen for Night Mode as you want.

Now browse the internet on Google Chrome using Night Mode, so you never have to suffer from eyes problem.