If you love classic and arcade games you will defiantly love this Bubble Shooter game for Android with lots of levels. Classic Bubble Shooter game are really amazing and it’s a fantastic way to pass your free time also.

I have been playing this specific Bubble Shooter game since a week and not getting bored yet. I have also added the Google Play Store download page of the game below and it’s of course free of cost. The game also has an In-App purchase feature, so you can buy some more coins or remove ads.

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There are total 3 mode available in the game. One is Levels with big pink button and rest are ARCADE and CLASSIC with blue buttons. In terms of levels, there are total 1000 challenging levels available in the game. When we talk about the Arcade mode, there are total 777 real hard and challenging levels available in the game. At last in Classic mode, there are no levels available. It’s up to you, how much time you can play. A minute or A Week.

Classic Bubble Shooter Game With 1000 Levels

The very first levels of the game looks very simple and easy but with levels the difficulty increases and it becomes harder to win the level. There are also some power-ups available to help you with the levels, like fireball, bomb, better aim and more.

In the LEVELS mode with big pink button, you gets limited balls to clear all other balls by matching colors. In Arcade mode you need to score stars by clearing the field using minimum balls and in Classic mode you can score as much as you want till you are unable to match the color of the bubbles.

Download Bubble Shooter from Google Play Store

This Classic Bubble Shooter Game is available on Google Play Store to download for free and with In-App purchase feature. You can download the app by clicking on the box below.

   Download From PlayStore

Screenshots of Bubble Shooter

Screenshots of Classic Bubble Shooter Game

This Classic Bubble Shooter Game is really unique and amazing. With 1777 Addictive levels and Classic mode, this game get my attention and I will continue playing it.